artscraftsEach week we have a team of volunteers who encourage patients to develop their artistic skills. They can choose between an art workshop, a craft skills workshop or a flowercraft session. From 10 am to 2pm, the Craft group gets stuck into making:

Cards - cushions - soft toys - children's clothes - decorative items etc stopping briefly for a well earned healthy lunch and a tea break later in the afternoon.

Craft items are often sold at the centre, or at local fairs and our own Christmas Fair and Easter Bazaar.

Art classes are held concurrently, where help and advice is provided on how to achieve a personal masterpiece!

Exhibitions of our artwork have been held at Croydon Library and the Fairfield Halls.

Francis (53) was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2006.  He started coming along to the Centre, initially to the prostate support group, and then very quickly became involved in the Art workshop group. Francis finds painting & drawing therapeutic, allowing him to focus solely on his art, forgetting everything else for a while. He also enjoys the company of others who understand and are in the same situation.