Yoga has its origins in North India at least 5000 years ago and in spite of its antiquity is as relevant today as ever.

Yoga is a holistic practice (the word Yoga means Union) which aims to bring harmony to body, mind and spirit. It is well known that it improves health generally, leading to feelings of well being and tranquillity. It can also be used for specific health problems.

A typical Yoga session consists of a short period of relaxing and centering, followed by gentle warm-ups and postures. This is followed by breathing techniques (pranayama) and the session ends with about 20 minutes deep relaxation (yoga nidra).

Yoga can be practised by people of any age and state of health as all postures are adaptable. Yoga differs from other forms of exercise as great emphasis is placed on synchronizing movements with the breath. Awareness is a key word for Yoga practice.

It is important not to eat for about 2 hours prior to a Yoga Class and to wear loose comfortable clothing (e.g.sweat shirts and jogging trousers). You may also like to bring a light blanket to cover yourself for the long relaxation and a mat to lie on.

Classes are held on Mondays. If you are interested in attending the classes, which will last for 1½ hours, please speak to the Centre Manager as space is limited.